July 9, 2013

Never Too Late?

I'm back.  Well, I think I am.  Let's try this again! 

November 4, 2009

Tablescape #2...

Today I am excited again to join Susan at Between Naps on the Porch. She is our oh so sweet hostess of Tablescape Thursday. I'm amazed at the talent and creativity of so many bloggers. It is truly inspiring to see the many tablescapes from week to week. This is my second tablescape and not the traditional scape for a dining table.  I hope all you out there in blogland enjoy what you are about to see!  Also, many thanks to those who left such wonderful comments last week.  You made my day! 

This happens to be an antique pine dresser which belonged to my grandmother when she was a young girl. I love things which have been in my family for such a long time. I often imagine the stories which could be told if the antiques could talk!

I have a most talented sister who. is one of the most creative persons I know! She and I have so much fun when we are at each others' homes. We tend to rearrange furniture, rearrange knick knacks, and well, you get the picture. You can see her blog over at Ms. Sharlottes... Southern Reflectcions ....it's a beautiful blog.

One time several years ago when my sister was over for a visit, she suggested "shopping the house"... and we moved this dresser from one of the bedrooms into the living room! I love it there. It provides storage for my candles. Perfect!

This set of crystal came from a recent thrift store outing...  I found a little history on the set on the internet once I got home.  They are quite old and made by Libbey.  I believe they were from the World War II era.  What interested me was that on the base of each stem is a star of David.  Haven't seen anything like them before and for 79 cents per stem... I couldn't go wrong!


I can't really remember where I got this vase, but I'm sure my mom gave it to me at one time or another. I love the color and shape of this vase

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The peacock feathers fit so nicely in this vase.  I actually can't believe these peacock feathers are still so pretty.  They, too, are very old!  The colors aren't as vibrant as some I've seen, but... my grandmother collected the feathers... and I'll not ever get rid of them!

I got the candle holder at Marshall's last week.  I love the color... not too gold, not too silver... and a fleur de lis! The candle was from Hobby Lobby, half price!

A couple of parting shots...

Have a wonderful Tablescape Thursday.  And thank you so much for stopping by!

October 28, 2009

Tablescape One... Opening Season!

Well, I've decided to attempt my first official tablescape.  I'm linking with Susan over at Between Naps on the Porch for Tablescape Thursday.  Check out all the talented tablescapers...

So where do I start?  Well, I say I'm most comfortable beginning with a blank slate....

This is my nice, large table.   Chairs are in place and I'm wanting to set a table for six.  I've been wanting to use the pretty brown runner given to me by my mom several years ago.  She gives the best gifts!  But alas... the runner was longer than I wanted it to be.  So I folded and tucked until it looked just right.  Golden chargers were also put into place.

I knew the china that I wanted to use was from my grandmother's collection.  These plates are old and delicate.  I love using them.  And the colors definitely fit an autumn theme....

However, I didn't think the plates looked their best.  They are in need of some sort of "outline"...  so I tried a a goldish plate as a background...

...but I didn't feel it brought out the colors very well in the antique plates.  So I tried some plates rimmed in a dark brown and yes!  The look I had visualized!

Adding candle holders in honor of "opening weekend" of deer season here in Texas.  My dear husband loves hunting and we usually have plenty of venison on hand.  Goblets and a soup tureen is now added to my tablescape.   It's coming along nicely!

I thought this little guy fit well into the autumn theme...  I've had him for a long time... just never put him on the dinner table!

I'm using some crystal stemware which is SO old!  A set of 8, all different colors, were given to my parents at the time of my baptism by my godparents.  They were antique then, and that was 54 years ago!  I love the handles on the serving bowl which matches the china.  And to add even more, I picked up new napkins and beaded napkin rings from Pier One...

Love those beads...

The soup tureen....

Table set, candles lit...

The ambiance of glowing candles and autumn tablescape...

From a blank slate to a nice autumn tablescape....

Have a wonderful week!

October 25, 2009

Blue Monday

I am so pleased to link with Sally and her party Blue Monday.  I have so much fun looking for blue....  Join Sally and others to see what's blue!

I am fortunate to have a set of six of these cups and saucers from a collection which had belonged to my great aunt.  She loved antiques and had so many beautiful dishes.  She was also my godmother and must have instilled in me a love of antique dishes as well! 

Hope my photos are showing the delicacy of this set.  I really love them...

Here's my display of my set of blue cups and saucers in my blue dining room....  have a great Blue Monday!

October 12, 2009


I'm so happy to join Three or More- Tuesday with Tam over at The Gypsy's Corner.  Her party really gets me to pay attention to things around me... things in groups of THREE'S.  What fun!

The other night I had camera in hand... and was scouring my home searching for THREE'S.  Here is something I thought you would enjoy...

THREE pictures of a little 3-year-old girl!  And yes, she happens to be me...  would you believe 50 years ago?

This sits in one of my guest bedrooms which is affectionately called the "Girl's Room".  (Original, right?)  This bedroom is full of girly things...

I'll be sure to show you more of the girly things in future posts. So until then...  I'll continue looking for THREE'S!  Have a wonderful week!

October 10, 2009

Just Look Around

Today I am joining Charlotte and Ginger at Spiritual Sundays, where bloggers can share heartfelt thoughts and inspiration. Thank you, ladies!

After reading my post, please listen to Chris Tomlin by clicking on the link at the end of this post.

What wonderful cool weather we are experiencing here in Southeast Texas! I am always ready for the seasons to change when they do change... and now just looking around I can see summer subtly changing to fall. The grass is not growing as fast, the fall wildflowers are beginning their bloom time... and finally the temperature is feeling like fall (at least for today!).

Today at my church one of our worship services will be in a contemporary style. One of the songs sung will be "How Great is Our God"... and I continue to think... how can anyone even doubt His existence! Just looking around at the seasons changing once again causes me to know...

How great is our God! Sing with me how great is our God!
And all will see how great, how great, is our God!

Have a wonderful Sunday!