October 12, 2009


I'm so happy to join Three or More- Tuesday with Tam over at The Gypsy's Corner.  Her party really gets me to pay attention to things around me... things in groups of THREE'S.  What fun!

The other night I had camera in hand... and was scouring my home searching for THREE'S.  Here is something I thought you would enjoy...

THREE pictures of a little 3-year-old girl!  And yes, she happens to be me...  would you believe 50 years ago?

This sits in one of my guest bedrooms which is affectionately called the "Girl's Room".  (Original, right?)  This bedroom is full of girly things...

I'll be sure to show you more of the girly things in future posts. So until then...  I'll continue looking for THREE'S!  Have a wonderful week!


  1. Great job Susie!!
    I know what you mean about noticing things more. All of blog land and the special days has done that for me too.

    barbara jean

  2. Oh you were such a cutie! Not that you aren't now....err...I don't know...oh, geez, this isn't coming out right!

    Have a great day!

  3. Great,sweet pictures!! We are of the same age almost. I'm even a bit older than you but the style of my childhood pictures is the same.

  4. Very cute. Love the sweet smile!


  5. Cute pictures--love the whole "girly" arrangement, too!

  6. It's amazing what you really "see" if you have your camera handy.
    Lovely photo's of you as a little girl.

  7. I just found this! How cute! What a great idea for 3 or more - very cute pictures! Love the girly room!